SAMI at Wabash Riverfest 2023

Saturday July 8th
9am - 4pm
Tappewingo Park, West Lafayette

If you are interested in performing this year, there are stll a few slots left. Contact Nelu Lazar ASAP:

SAMI will provide, mics, PA mixer, power cords, mic stands, monitors, mic chords ect.
This is not a paying gig but rather a community gig. It's a lot of fun, low key, and a good way to showcase your original music.
Performers can use hand drums but no full kits. We would like to keep performances simple as in a single, Duo, or Trio. Due to the high turnover rate of the slots, bigger, more complicated setups are just not possible.
Please understand that the Riverfest organizers may have to make some announcements during your time slot. It sometimes disrupts the music, but that is the way it is. Gene Hatke tries to minimize that and wait until a song finishes when possible.
We need some SAMI volunteer's to help tear town and get the gear back to where it needs to be.
Time slots are usually 30 minutes, (depending on the number of performers interested,) but if you would like a shorter slot, please indicate that. Reach out to Nelu Lazar at:

To learn more about what the Wabash Riverfest is all about:

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